Leaving a Good Feedback for Insurance Company will help more your fellow citizens than the insurance company itself. Before we decided which insurance company to go with, we checked many that had 4 and 5 stars reviews and read them all. Trough the reviews we “connected” with the company and felt comfortable choosing “the one”.

Copy & Paste one of these well crafted Good Feedback for Insurance Company and help other people in their decision.


Good Feedback for Insurance Company Examples

01. Always helpful and always available. The folks at (IC) are…

Along with your online reviews, the Airbnb guest book is a memento you’ll have to keep for long time.

Your guest book can act as a décor focal point and add a stylish or fun element to your apartment — with just a few simple steps and often very little cost.

These amazing vacation rental guest book designs, created by talented graphic designers, come in two types, spiral notebook and hard cover journals. …

Hello to all the Superhosts that landed on this page in dire need for quality Airbnb Signs and Airbnb Stickers for guests. The ones that you will find bellow are the same ones that we use in our Vacation Rental in Skopje.

For the Airbnb stickers with logotypes we recommend the Matte finish in medium size. They are good quality and easy to remove.

The Airbnb house rules we always go with extra large size and matte finish. Also, with the posters you can’t go wrong.

Airbnb Signs for guests

If you get 10+ Stickers the price is 1.08 Euro per sticker!

Recycle sign

Check out…

It took us well over a year and over 40 bookings till we found the best Airbnb towels and sheets for us, and they were the cheapest.

When we were starting with our first Airbnb, we had sheets with cool designs, different colors and the same goes for the airbnb towels. But after the first booking, we had bunch of stains that were almost unremovable and needed bleaching. Bleaching is not suitable for colors so, we bought new ones.

With time we learned that the sheets do not necessarily need to be the ones from the Airbnb photo, or similar.

If you are visiting this history rich country that is placed on two continents you will definitely need some basic Turkish phrases. Even though in the touristic places in Turkey most of the people speak English, for the adventurers that want to explore off the beaten path, this list will be useful.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that these Turkish phrases are written in a way that will be easiest for you to pronounce them.

We made a list of 100 basic Turkish phrases that definitely will make your life easier while visiting Turkey.

Basic Turkish phrases for greetings

First let me say that there are two types of amateur photographers. Those who are just beginning with photography and those who have the financial stability to stay forever free and photograph what inspires them.

Professional photographer doesn’t mean that a person is master of the art, it simply means that photography is their job and they are being paid to do it.

The benefit of being the 2nd type amateur photographer is the freedom of pursuing your inspiration. That can be traveling the world, photographing family events or simply roaming the streets and documenting everyday life.

Staying an amateur…

There should be no secrets in this business. Helping other Airbnb Hosts improve their listings around the world will also improve the platform by creating many more happy returning costumers. So by sharing with you our AirbnbHosting tips that made our listings stand out from the crowd in Skopje, Macedonia, we think that you can be one of the best in your city.

We will avoid writing Airbnb hosting tips about the common things that every listing must provide, like the wi-fi, cable/satellite tv, linens, glasses etc.

In this round up we will share tips for future or new…

Aernout or Artus (c. 1603–9 November 1677), was a landscape painter of the Dutch Golden Age, specializing in small night scenes lit only by moonlight and fires, and snowy winter landscapes, both often looking down a canal or river. He was a contemporary of Albert Cuyp and Meindert Hobbema, and like the latter he lived and died in comparative obscurity.

Aert van der Neerhttp://www.rijksmuseum.nl/collectie/SK-C-191

NOTE: On his images the horizon is lower and the viewers eye is almost at the same level with the subjects in the scene. He emphasizes the sky much more than some other artists…

Traveling around the world, photographing locals in their daily routine. Moving from A to B, from place to place, traveling by foot, car, horse or boat has always been interesting for me to document.

By water

Dragan Tapshanov | Tonle Sap, Cambodia 2013
Dragan Tapshanov | Tonle Sap, Cambodia 2013

One of my favorite cities in the world never fails when it comes for me to do some street photography. Budapest, is my Mecca for street shots.

This Autumn I have Photography workshop planned and it will take place in Budapest, so I went back again to do some scouting, to find some new cool spots and streets worth shooting.

Of course, I did lots of street photography…

On my YouTube channel you will find two vlogs of my street photography. They are POV videos made with GoPro attached on my chest.

These are the shots I took…

Dragan Tapshanov | Budapest, Hungary 2020
Dragan Tapshanov | Budapest, Hungary 2020

Budapest become…

Dragan Tapshanov

Forever amateur photographer & Airbnb host in Skopje, Macedonia

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