Airbnb Hosting Tis — 11+ Secrets of our success

There should be no secrets in this business. Helping other Airbnb Hosts improve their listings around the world will also improve the platform by creating many more happy returning costumers. So by sharing with you our AirbnbHosting tips that made our listings stand out from the crowd in Skopje, Macedonia, we think that you can be one of the best in your city.

We will avoid writing Airbnb hosting tips about the common things that every listing must provide, like the wi-fi, cable/satellite tv, linens, glasses etc.

In this round up we will share tips for future or new Airbnb Hosts that will make your apartment more attractive than the other ones.

Airbnb Hosting Tips: How we run our Successful Airbnb in Skopje

1. We don’t even have to mention that the apartment or the room must be squeaky clean! And always make sure that you have vacuumed everything and there is no hair laying around. Check the shower glass and floor, beside and behind the toilet, as well as the side and back of the sink. We also lift up the mattress to vacuum the hair that is on the bed frame (always something there).

Remember, hair laying around on the bed and floor is really something that no one wants to see. So make sure there is none before the new guests arrive.

2. Some guests use body oil and sun screens for many reasons, especially when visiting some cities that are hot in the summer.Oil is almost invisible but can be very disgusting if you touch something that is covered with it. So make sure that during cleaning you wipe the head board (even if it looks clean), the arm holders of the chairs, the remote controllers, the handles and the bin cover.

3. We never let scratch or nail polish marks stay on the wall for the next guests. No matter how cautious the guests are, it can happen that by accident they will scratch the walls with their luggages. It doesn’t take much of your time to grab the roller brush and little bit of paint and cover the marks. If you have time to go through it once more before the guests arrive, do it, it will cover better.

4. Let the AC run some time before the guests arrive. We have noticed that if the previous guests are staying around 3–4 days and they don’t use the air conditioner, when we turn it on after they leave it gives some unpleasant scent. That is only for 5–10 minutes, but you don’t want your guests to experience that.

Even if its 5* Hotel, having odors means no returning guests

5. Talking about odors, we wan’t to make a note that at every turn-over we put bleach or drain blockage in the toilet and the shower to prevent sewer odor. Even though we don’t have that problem in our Skopje apartments but we have experienced it before staying in hotels.During our first Airbnb travel in Malta, an awful smell started coming from the bathroom, we didn’t want to complain to the host, so we just bought Drano from the local market, poured it in the shower drain and the scent was gone in seconds.

6. Always leave enough toilet paper for the guests, washing powder if you have washing machine (recommended) and dish washer liquid. As a plus, you should always provide clean and not very used sponge for the dishes.

7. Our Airbnb Hosting tips include cotton pads for makeup removal. We learned that our guest loved the pads, many pointed out to us that they haven’t seen it in other apartments. So having them in front of the bathroom mirror won’t be a bad thing.

8. Providing small bottles of shampoo can be a big plus for a good Airbnb host. Sometimes guests forget their own or they simply just want to get a quick shower before unpacking their bags. Providing extras in your apartment will definitely earn you a big “Thank you” and help you on the road towards a 5 star review.

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9. We always leave a bottle of water in the fridge (even though tap water is fine to drink as well) and also some cookies or candies. It’s always much appreciated to have a cold drink and a bite after a long journey when you finally arrive. This is one of those Airbnb Hosting tips that you should definitely consider for your VR.

10. Discounts in the nearby restaurants or bars are much welcomed by every traveler. We are cooperating with two lounge bars near the apartments in Skopje. On the breakfast menu all our guests receive 20% off for every drink & meal they order till noon. Our Airbnb guests love this extra benefit of staying with us.

11. Guests love to have special recommendations from locals! Offering lots of detailed maps, city guides and travel magazines helps every guest tremendously. So make sure you have them in your apartments and also always mention some of your favorite non-touristy local restaurants, bars or places to go.

We have a cork board in the apartments where our guests can find detailed maps of the area. We have pinned many places in the area as well as important numbers, dentist in Skopje and beauty parlors.

Forever amateur photographer & Airbnb host in Skopje, Macedonia

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